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"Mega Surfaces" Using Golden Gels and Mediums


Date: September 27 (Thursday) & 28 (Friday), 2018
Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm Thursday, 10:00am - 4:00pm Friday
Cost: $295

Mega Surfaces: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Surface Treatments for Painting, Printing, Texturing & Enhancing Your Art & Creativity

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In this workshop we will explore the possibilities of a variety of Golden gels and mediums including Molding Paste, Light Molding Paste, Heavy Gel Gloss, Absorbent Ground, Coarse Pumice Gel, Soft Gel Gloss, Clear Tar Gel, Extra Heavy Gel Matte, Fine Pumice Gel, & Micaceous Iron Oxide as a drawing and painting surface. Faux Encaustic, Coarse Molding Paste, Fiber Paste, Crackle Paste and Artist-made Collographic printing plates. QoR watercolor monoprinting, OPEN paint monoprinting, Iridescent paints for use in faux metallic leaf papers, Glass Bead Gel and Interference paints for photographic enhancements along with Fluid paint, interference and iridescent interplay on a variety of surfaces.

All Gels, Mediums, Paints and substrates are included along with door prizes and free product giveaways. The only items that artists are required to bring to the event are a small palette knife or two, a few small brushes, a small container for water, their preferred drawing medium (ZERO drawing skills are necessary) somepaper towels and a small pre-primed 16x20 canvas upon which we will make a "mega" reference panel covering all of the materials we explored over the course of the two days, along with a small 12x12 cradled panel like an Ampersand board or any other gessoed rigid substrate for use with crackle paste.

It is recommended that workshop participants attend the Demo on 9/26 as this will serve as a useful primer for the workshop that follows.